Wearwolf Love

February 19, 2010
By bailey4 GOLD, Rayville, Missouri
bailey4 GOLD, Rayville, Missouri
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He barks like a dog
And looks like one too
He tells me he loves me
When he’s looking at you

He doesn’t understand
That it hurts me inside
And when he tells me he loves me
He knows that he’s lied

At the full moon feast
He invited me to
Some called him a beast
Including you

He tells me I’m beautiful
And he tells you you’re pretty
He says he likes your smile
When he just tells me I’m witty

He always looks at you
In his eyes you can see he likes you much more
But when he sometimes glances at me
You see there’s nothing to adore

One of nature’s best creations
Is that boy I like so much
He is sweet to the heart
And sensitive to touch

For what they call a beast
He is as gentle as can be
And somewhere in that big heart
Deep down I know he loves me.

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