Ode to My Pink Fuzzy Slippers

February 19, 2010
Together they sit
Leaning upon one another
Their sparkly pink fuzz smiles
As the wind sighs by

In the morning
I see them on the floor
Awaiting my feet
To slide into their warm, fluffy depths

As I shuffle around
Their fuzz whispers
Pronouncing their joy with
Each soft step

They make my feet warm
In the cold of morning
They soothe my aching toes
After a long day

Without them,
My feet would be frozen
My toes clenched in pain
And the smile gone from my face

Since they are still with me
My feet are relieved
And I am happy again
I love you,
Pink Fuzzy Slippers

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mommy said...
Dec. 3, 2014 at 9:16 am
this is alovely verse to put on my mom christmas slippers had cancer
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