The Key to His Heart

February 19, 2010
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Every girl falls for that one bad boy,
Every girl thinks they will be able to change the boy’s bad ways,
Every girl refuses to be his toy.

But not every girl gets her way,
The boy will eventually lose all interests and move on without her,
Every girl is used like a toy.
I fell for one of those boys,
I couldn’t help myself,
He sounded so sweet over the phone at 3 am,
I believed his every word.
I thought I was doing everything right,
Being the girl that was dependent on her man,
But soon I would realize how wrong I was.
He left me out in the cold,
I couldn’t understand why,
I refused to break down and cry,
I let my hands fall free,
His used to hold them so gently.
I carried on without him,
Too bad I always had to see him with her,
But I wouldn’t let him see the damage he caused,
I wouldn’t let him have the satisfaction,
Knowing he was the one who caused me to fall.
Two months passed,
The heart ache was subsiding,
I grown used to the pain,
He talked about her as if they were going to last and last.
I forced a smile to play on my face,
To make him think I was okay,
And soon the smile was becoming more natural.
That was until I found out,
He cheated on her with another girl,
I felt pain for her for what he did,
I realized he is just another player out to play the game,
Not caring about who he hurts.
He began to talk to more and more,
At first I thought it was innocent,
That was until I saw that glint in his green eyes,
The glint he had when I was with him.
I was too broken to see if he had the glint with her,
The glint he has when he likes a girl,
The glint that had me falling for him.
The innocence was long gone,
When he kept looking at me with hunger in his eyes,
Now the power is in my hands,
Because now I know he was afraid of falling in love with me,
He was afraid of anyone being so close to his heart,
To have his heart in their hands,
Not knowing if one day they will let it break.
I have the key to his heart,
And it isn’t through compliments,
It’s through witty comebacks and being a little bug he can’t step on.
It’s not through letting him have his way,
It’s through standing up for what I believe in,
He may have not said I love you to me.
But I know he does because of the way,
He looks at me from across the room,
The desire he has to touch me in the slightest way even if it is hitting me,
The way he licks his lips as if wanting a kiss,
They way he didn’t cheat on me even though he could have,
And the way he never forgot about me.
I have the key to his heart,
And it isn’t through the magazines or books,
It is different,
Because he doesn’t want me to have the key,
But I do and I will hold it forever.
Because he is one of those boys,
That won’t ever change,
And he is one of those boys that will keep playing games.
Only difference is he doesn’t hold his key,
He lent it to me because he knows I can’t throw it away,
He is right because I love him too.
Even though I know I will never have him again,
That I have nothing to gain,
From holding on to his key,
But I don’t care.
Because I will be the only one who has,
The key to his heart.

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