"A Tormented mind"

February 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I am tormented by what ive done.
the past haunts me, It longs to be one.
I try to forget the sins i have made
I am tormented by the gun.
I never will forget, I'll never move on
I try to take my life, Knoweth no one. Not a soul
I am tormented by who i am, by what I've done.
The death death clock ticks ever so near
My sins are great, My sins judge my fate
My sins will always haunt me to this day.
I am tormented. I be he who is the tormented soul.
But i showeth no one. not a sing living soul.
I drown in my Torment. I am the one who will never forget.
I am, The tormented soul.

The author's comments:
After my one friend died i wrote this in honor of him.

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