I Yet Live

February 19, 2010
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Stuck in the cycle,
Won’t let them break me down.
The Muse burns in my heart,
Like a lantern in the dark.

The scars I bear -
Not with shame, but pride,
Let me know I am yet winning,
And I yet live.

Battle scars, each one,
A horrendous fight behind each.
But not for freedom, nor religion, nor love,
But for life.

Living life the way I feel!
Letting none lead me astray.
I stay true to my heart, my mind, my faith -
Eyes to the sky, I beg for naught but life.

You don’t like the way I act?
The way I talk?
The way I think?
The way I dress?

That is why it is my life,
For none to live but me.
Why do I live each day?
Why do I yet breathe?

To let the world know,
I yet live! for the earth!
I yet live! for the life,
Which, blinded by hate, you cannot lead.

So you ask me, my dear,
Why do I go on?
I live and let live,
And let life go on.

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