This is between me and you

February 19, 2010
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It amazes me that I had you It hurts that i lost you it sucks that i got over you because it means that it wasnt you sometimes i think about you and wish that i had you i wanted it to be you but then i forget about you My thoughts consume you my dreams are with you and my world is you but then im not with you. I loved you but really i dont know you.
I wonder is it was me something wrong with me How could you leave me did you use me i wanted it to be me i want you to think of me have dreams of me make your world me did you love me was it hard getting over me do you truely miss me do you want to be with me i feel that it isnt me you dont feel that towards me you just wanted that part of me but i gave you all of me
It was always you and always will be you i will always want you and what i could of had with you Did i ever really love you if you never loved me
This is all for you and nothing let for me.

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