"Falling" in Love

February 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm clearly walking with my head
Straight up high,
And suddenly
I manage to trip.

And once you get there,
My dear, you KNOW
You won't find balance for a minute

You trip, you fall,
You stumble, you fall.
Gravity just manages
To bring you down to your knees.
So therefore
You can't just stand
And THINK you found your balance.
Grab on to something to hold on to.
And although there may be others,
Meaningfully or not,
Making your knees quiver,
Don't listen to them.
Stick to what you know
And you won't fall.

But then
It's in the books
That there's some invisible,
Supernatural force
That seems to come from within.
It's like you become hyptnotized.
You suddenly begin to walk,
And a lot of the time,
You don't even trip;
You straight up fall!

It's a struggle,
But you manage to pick yourself up.
(It may feel like years)
And once you're standing
You notice the bruises
And try harder the next time
Not to fall,
Not to trip,
Not to stumble,
Because they hurt.
But once they heal,
(Through time),
You forget all about them.
And that's when you're prone
To falling
And getting bruised again.

The author's comments:
I hope you would understand the symbolism I used in describing relationships. I understand if it's kind of hard. :)

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