To Quite To Tell

February 19, 2010
By Anonymous

There I sit while they watch.
No body there to help me just screaming.
Wish I had a family to love
But I just sit.
There I go up against the wall can’t breathe.
I fill like it’s the end but I keep fighting.
I don’t think I can take it.
I yell mommy stop but she just keep going...
While I lay there they are just starring.
What should I do?
I’m going to give up.
Mom, while I’m in heaven I hope you think about what you did to me.
But just remember that I forgive.
I’m tired of you yelling and screaming because of him.
I miss you mommy
Please be the way you use to.
I miss the way you used to hold me and keep me warm.
Now I’m laying in the ground turning into dust.
With that white coffin and the angel sitting next to me.
I know I will be safe.
No worries no fear.
Now maybe I will have one less tear.

The author's comments:
Well its about how i get abused by my mother and how i would wish she would change. And how i also got tooken away from my mother this year from D.C.F.S. And im hoping mabe my mom will change one day.

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