Math you are despicable

February 19, 2010
Math you swindling swine
You deprive much needed sleep
From a simple, ignorant dolt

Math you malicious mutt
You bite me repeatedly
Giving me the frothing, rabid disease

Math you nasty trick
You turn me inside out
With your scheming games

Math you bogus butt
You rip my head
Then sew it back with rust

Math you deluded bat
You drive me nuts
With you kooky rhymes

Mad you consuming beast
You are the world’s wonder
With your ceaseless, demanding hunger
For brains like mine

And to conclude my little name calling rant
I’d just like to say
Math you are a despicable little pest

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Pillow said...
Apr. 10, 2010 at 2:01 am

LOL Brilliant!

Math is my dark nemesis.

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