mommy come back

February 19, 2010
walking around town,
with a bag in my hand,
and a letter for you,
in my heart as well.
i have many things to say,
and many things to do,
but for now,
it's all about you.
i miss you,
i wanna be with you,
even though you arent by my side,
my mommy will always be in my heart.
you know that i miss you,
you know its a fact,
you know that im in pain,
but for now all you can do is pray.
pray about me,
pray about you and victoria,
just dont forget that all the way 45 minutes away,
i live here in these crummy old apartments,
dont forget that every night before i go to bed,
i wonder if i'll ever see you a second day,
but no matter the feeling,
no matter the day,
im always happy to be called your,
bay-bay (baby).
mom im still here,
im not going anywhere,
im waiting for you.
im waiting for you to come back,
and to take me away,
mommy i miss you

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