Who is She

February 19, 2010
Who is that girl in the mirror
Her chocolate eyes filled with tears
With make up running down her face
Who is this disgrace
She tried too hard to belong
But it all disappeared
Where did she go wrong
It all went away, when she looked into his eyes
Her freddom began to fade
With all the little white lies
He tells her how to dress and where to go
She can't do this
She waits for his yes or no
She has never felt such a possesivness
Or such pain, wherever he chooses to hit
Who is that girl
Letting him push her around
She does not say a word
She never makes a sound
Who is that girl
That gave up who she wanted to be
She will wipe her eyes
Hide her scars
Dismiss the fact he has gone too far
She will cover up her bruised ego
Then tell herself
To let all this go
It is not so bad
He likes to control
She does not know the girl she sees
Or what it will take
To set herself free

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