February 19, 2010
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are your lashes
escaping from your lids?
or is that my imagination?
cause your eyes are
drowning the back of
my throat in
my neck.
feeling like that ocean i met.
you say that the
wind rustles at night;
shaking petals
as roots grow deeper.
your eyelashes melt
and so does your
it whips across
my cheeks on
my face
feeling like that breeze i traced.
you say that the
trees talk at night;
whispers budding into
leaves of screams.
your hair flies away
and so do your
they wind around
my vertebrae on
my spine.
feeling like that tree i climbed.

is that glitter
escaping from your eyelashes?
you ask.
or is that just my imagination?

no, i say.
nature's salvation.

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