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February 18, 2010
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Reminders of you plague my everyday life.
You are in my first waking thoughts.
You are in the mirror looking back at me.
You are in my breakfast and in the newspaper, in the car and in the sky.
My world is you, and sadly we cannot escape our life.
I need you like air.
You are my only living proof that love exists.
I cannot recall a time I did not miss you, except of course when you were here.
When you left I don’t remember anything
besides a black, dense curtain that fell down.
An endless stream of tears.
Mostly, I just recall my heart slowly dying.

Without you days turned to weeks, weeks to months.
Eventually I gave up counting, you were never coming back.
Time passes.
Leaves fall.
Children grow up.
Grandparents die and traffic lights change colors.
Lakes freeze over.
Parents get divorced.
People fall in love, and things that once meant something become nothing.
I am nothing to you.

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