Grey Sparkles of a Black Reality

February 18, 2010
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My world is black and white.

I am the wanderer of this scribbled earth. I travel, blind to the warnings that come my way.

I see nothing but you.

Fall is coming, ever so cold. Wind brushes my fragile skin.

My thoughts are transfixed by you. You are my mind.

Where am I going?

What should I do? Oh, if only he was you.

Grey sparkles come from the industrial moon.

Soft rain hits the tin cans on the city streets.

You are the air that surrounds me. You are in the wind and in the dust.

I am fading, fading, fading. Fading into a shadow of you.

I feel you surround me, I am engrossed in your intoxicating presence.

My grip on reality is slipping.

I see a yellow glimmer of freedom. You are my sunshine.

Yours is the perfectly symmetrical reality.

I begin to melt into the darkness.

I drown in desire, oh how the irony sickens the crowds.

You are perfect, I am only human.

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