The World Inside

February 18, 2010
By , Missouri City, TX
This house I thought I knew
Is now forbidden to visit
The memories that lie untouched
Keep me awake through the night
The shadows of the old tree
Creep through my thoughts
Only to cover the evidence
Of all my fading memories
As the moonlight gleams over
Where the chill pool water was
But now is an empty pit
Holding the monsters that are my memories
Clawing to get back to me
I picture where the bench stood
Where watermelon was consumed
And seeds discarded
As we shaded ourselves
From the scorching sun
Now an empty table
Where my family gathered
In a previous world
Now I revisit this old house
On a stormy day
There is an air of decay
It surrounds me
Reaching me through every breath
The thunder crashes like
An angry demon
Beckoning to its brothers
And I run
Careful not to slip
Though I remember the blood
Pooling around the stereo
Where music was lifted
And I was scarred
6 stitches to the head
And a piece of the past
To hang on my wall

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