The Darkest Angels

February 18, 2010
By , Geneva, OH
As life flows away
I fly away
As life turns black in despair
My heart slowly dies
As the world gives up all hope
I fall into the black abyss of my mind
My wings are ripped free
And new ones burst through in a blinding burst of agony
Gone the humble white wings of innocence
And come the harsh black wings of despair
The punishment of ignorance and youth come and take its turn
And the weight of pain and responsibility hold no comfort
But even as I try to have hope the crushing weight presses me to the ground
It comes worse and worse every time
The pain the visions of blood and death
Till finally I give in
I let the darkness fill me completely
The weight of it lifts off me and I feel so light
As if I could fly again
I try but oh the woe
I've forgotten how
Into despair I fall once again
My heart breaks to pieces
The pieces cut me open from the inside
My heart falls from my body piece by piece from my wounded breast
My life blood drips down to the flowers beneath me
It waters them with its life even as they shrivel and die
I look to the sky and see the white winged angels flying above
Tears run down my face as I cry
My heart is gone
And my blood turns black
And my mind blows away on the wind
I am pulled into the earth
And born anew now deaths angel
Heartless, mindless, and blood as black and cold as his
I take my sword and fly to the heavens and bring the others to him
They cry and scream and thrash and burn
But down they go to deaths cold hands
Now I'm greeted with fear and respect
Before I was soft, white and pure
Now I'm dark as night and cold as winter
Nothing can stop me from taking my revenge On the ones who hurt with words and blows
To the innocent and young
On the powerless and poor
Nothing can stop me
Says the one dark angle
The one who has the wings as black as despair
With skin as cold as winter
And eyes that see into your soul
And a hole where mercy should be

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