Why can't we be?

February 18, 2010
By Gaaradarklover BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Gaaradarklover BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Why can't we just be?
Why does everybody...
Not see how we are?
You know you’re my honey
I love you tonight
And forevermore
Time will come, Hun
You know your my Amor
Why can't we just be...
Free like birds and bees?
Why are we chained...?
To this wall of shame?
You know you love me
And I know I love you
People make mistakes
As much as you can coo
Me and you, forever
We belong together
Girl your the best
I hope you know
Your never gloomy
Except when I mess up
You become upset
And I become confused
You just fret
I never meant to hurt you
Time and time again
Our love tears us apart
But in the end
It makes our love sharp
Through all the pain and fights
We never could stay mad
At each other long
We're just not that bad
Me and you, forever
We belong together
The future's still coming
Must we fight all the time?
Sometimes I wonder...
If it's even worth it
It's all just a blunder
When I think of you
I feel so alive
I wish time was forever
We shall survive
You fall down
Mostly from above
But the best kind of fall
Is falling in love
My love is eternal
And I feel yours is too
I wish death never existed
So we could stay alive and do
What we do best
I want you forever
Please never leave me
Honey, I appreciate it
The time you spent on me
Everything you've took
And gave, freely
My soul would die for you
I love you... always

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