School Day for a Senior

February 12, 2010
By Birdy-chan SILVER, Manistee, Michigan
Birdy-chan SILVER, Manistee, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"In my opinion, the one statement that's ALWAYS believable is, 'I am a liar.' This is because, whether they always tell the truth or not, they ARE a liar. If they do lie, they're telling the truth, and if they always tell the truth, they're lying."

First hour: English
Everyone’s sleepy
Teacher’s had coffee
(And Toaster Pastries)
Let’s fill our heads
With theses and literature
And try not to laugh
When the teacher acts out the book

Second hour: Tech Math
No one’s listening
“This class is boring”
(Yet they fail the tests)
The teacher’s explaining
And does a good job, too
This math class makes sense
At least if you listen

Third hour: Band
Best class of the day!
Hardly a downside
(But for some troublemakers)
Let’s make some music
Trumpets, don’t mess around
Gum’s a bad idea
So is not correcting mistakes

Fourth hour: World War II
Lunch is just over
So everyone’s loud
(And full of energy)
Absorb this book’s contents
Because it’s the truth
Honor our veterans
They’ve given us freedom

Fifth hour: Independent Study
Not to take the bus
To the Middle School
(Along with a friend)
Seventh grade band assistant
Or is it teacher-to-be?
This class is near wild
Glad I’m in High School.

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