Heart's Words

February 14, 2010
Open green eyes in the lifeless light of the morning and not knowing what to look, I see.
Is it cheating my feelings, lights liar game? Moreover, what I see?
Blinded by the light I do not understand, is beyond reason sighs,
Burning the skin with doubt, I shut my eyes. I flee.
I prefer blind guide the steps that I'll walk, Walk.
Stumble with what I already know, I return to stumble.
But I walk, I walk perhaps? Silence, Darkness... I close my eyes,
I see you looking at me straight years ago.
Kiss the air that separates our mouths, I see your hands on my hips,
Your black hair, your eyebrows; I see the impossible when it still was not.
Love, what do you bring now?
Once you cover up windows when the air just seeps under the door you shut until next spring.
Why not then? Why now? I close my eyes; I see a memory that never was.
But I looked both at nothing! Large eyes, mouth, hair, breathe from my mistakes.
Child Tin blue sky, you've lost your name voices rise into the air like a bird's nest early fall,
Do not encounter in the forests of the networks, or you sit on the banks of the hidden.
Lost shells recess, and the monsters that lurk behind the doors, and my dress from Sundays,
I have lost the smile of bows between teeth that do not exist, the smell of green berries on the floor,
Down the nest, and I will not in the clouds or on flights with pirouettes,
A night without streetlights flooding my eyes, I cannot remember the canine morning,
Tears in suspense furious souls who shed tears in dry sandstorms,
While born of my lips laugh of delirium.

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