supposed to be there

February 12, 2010
for the first timemy heart spoke a move
i once found evrything i miss
and then my life changed , with just one kiss
i knew the reason why i'm livin
for him , i could die
he makes me smile when he also makes me cry
i never really wanted to say goodbye
so here i'm now writin my story and don't need a reply

when he offered me arms can hold me at my weakness
eyes support to see me even at my ugliest
a kind fragile heart to love me at my worst..
that moment i know: i've found true love

and with every great love comes a great story
so that's my story
thought it's not with a happy ending
i love it .. kuz
somewhere with btw all our laughs and silly jokes
sad moments & painful tears
long talks and stupid lil rights
i always foeget to forget him..
so i knew if i couldn't get someone out of my heart
maybe he's supposed to be there :)

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