Here you are

February 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Here you are,
standing here before me.

Here you are,
A smirk on your face,
staring at me,
with your large,
brown eyes.

Here you are,
approaching me.
Your arms wide,
your body warm.
to grasp me.

Here you are,
looking at me.

Here you are,
trying to bring me in.
Holding my hand,
manipulating me.

Here you are,
letting me sit on your lap.
Your face growing close to mine,
your lips touching mine.

Here you are,
yelling at me.
Telling me to leave you alone.

Here you are,
Telling me you miss me.
Telling me you love me.

Here you are,
only my friend.

That’s all,
and all you will be.

There you were.

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