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February 12, 2010
By izziehorse GOLD, Vancouver, Other
izziehorse GOLD, Vancouver, Other
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Have you ever thought about what you tried to do to me?
How that would have left me?
Have you ever once thought of how you left me?
Even though you never succeeded?
Now imagine you had succeeded,
Think of how I was afterwards, and imagine that times 100.
Maybe you realize now what you almost did to me.

Do you remember how you left me?
Crumpled on the floor?
Crying, as if I would never stop.
Do you remember how you went straight away to tell everyone?
To tell your side of the story?
You must remember at east how you changed it around.
How you made it all my fault.
I never got a chance to tell my side.

Because of you I am now broken and scarred.
And I will always live with this memory.
I will always be in fear of you.
And all men.
Because of you, I live in a constant fear.
And it is your fault that I am this way.
It is your fault I will always back away.
That I will always be hesitant when I am touched.
Always be wary of loving words.
Of gentle caresses.

Even though what you did hurt me so deeply,
And left me so broken.
I still want you.
I still remember your touch,
Your voice,
Your taste and smell.
I wonder if you remember these things about me?

The way you talked to me, it made everything sound safe,
And tantalizing.
Even now, I feel a pull when you talk with me.
Almost as though I am pulled by a magnet towards you.
But when I am with you I am no more than a puppet on a string.
I cant stay away from doing what you want,
When you want.

I do everything you ask.
I know I shouldn’t.
But you keep telling me its okay, that it will a;; be fine.
And I trust you again, and again.
Crawling back for ore after I have been tossed aside.
Broken, and ruined.
And noting delights me more than when you take me back once again.
And again I mean something to someone.
And I am back to being a puppet yet again.

The author's comments:
Only through experiance can we gain knowledge. Reading, is experience.

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