Beneath the Great Oak I am Beautiful Once Again

February 11, 2010
I will hide in the shadows where I am beautiful
Out of the daylight,
Out of the sun.
Where you cant see me,
Where you cant find me,
Where you cant get to me.

Hiding among the shadows,
Ill come out at night.
Hiding back behind the light at daybreak.

I am safe now,
I am safe.
Away from you,
away from your hurt,
away from your pain
I will learn to move on,
learn to love.
All you wanted was to hurt me,
to cause me so much pain.
And you have done just that.

But still there is one thing you can not do.
You can push me and shove me towards the dirt.
You can take what little I have left from me.
But you can never get me down,
I will never back down.
Because that is just what you would want.

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