Our So called Fairytale Lives

February 11, 2010
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Today, should be the best day of my life.
You were supposed to be here, with me.
Living live with me, till the end.
Happily ever after.

Funny how things seem to unravel.
The words we’ve said.
The love we had for each other.
You’re my king, but I’m no queen.

What happened to this so called palace of ours.
The sunset clear with colors,
Yet misty with the ghosts that are left of us.
The Intriguing light shining over your picture.

The lies we lived.
The pain you supplied, to my heart once beating with love.
The reality has finally sunk in.
Life now seems more painful, going in alone.

You left me here, all alone.
While you’re out there with your new princess.
This world is no fairy tale.
And there is no such thing as a happily-ever-after.

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