~my journey~

February 11, 2010
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i'm lost in my own mind
as time freezes all around me
the only thing unfrozen is me
i walk along the highway
since all the cars are frozen
i travel very far
i feel i've reached the end of the world
it turned out to be my personal hell
i turn around before i'm in to deep
it was hard to turn away
i see the pain and the tears
the scars and the blood
it's always the blood i see
run in fast flowing rivers
of black, bright and thick
colors of red everywhere
the blood fascinates me
it was my one true weakness
i try to get away
but it always finds me
i come back from weakness
take a look around
and continue my journey
i decide to come home
it takes me awhile
now i'm home and i close my eyes
it's time for the sun to rise
and time for me to die
before i die
i unfreeze time
and wait for tomorrow
to do it again

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