"Questionable Question Mark"

February 11, 2010
By InquisitiveCinderella BRONZE, Attica, Indiana
InquisitiveCinderella BRONZE, Attica, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.
Walt Whitman

Or looking within
to fined yourself ,to discover ,to create, to know ,to learn
Are we who we think we are ?
Do we realy know us ?
Our Perception of ourselves is faulty
Are we conscious,or Unconscious of who we think we are,
Or what we do ,for what reasons.
who we should be ,who we want to be
are we who other people say we are ,
Are we the reputations we receive
The whispers we hear ,
the looks we get ,
The conversations that are spoken about us ,
The rumors that are spread ,
Or the opinions of others that are given about us ,
THey try to classically condition us ,
Try to get us to do what they want us to do ,
Dress how they want us to dress,
Act how they want us to act ,
Think how they want us to think,
Stimulus and resonse
you do what they say you ,will be popular,skinny,pretty,accepted
bu if you choose to deny them ,and they try so hard to convince you otherwise
They say ,you will be a looser ,fat ,ugly,rejected,an outcast amongst the world
the government ,the media ,the schools we attend
the friends and family that surround us
that bleed into are everything ,are thoughts ,are feelings ,are motives,are opinions
are actions ,are decisions.
Like water paint on a canvas ,or pollution in a stream
the person we think we are ,the actions we think are all are own,the thoughts
,the feelings we think only we have felt or known,
May really not be all are own ,
We could be bits and pieces of everyone ,everything,
the people we idealize,strive to be like
those we despise ,hope with every thing we have that we don't end up like ,
The country we plague are allegiance to ,
the town or city we grow up in ,
though we think that we are individual that we are nothing at all alike.
that we aren't influenced by the opinios of others the influences of others,
that we aren't shoved down are throats everyday
whether we like the taste of it or not,
the concept of being your own person is a very hard one to conceive ,
life is like a skinner box ,
you might not always have a choice on who influences you ,or controls you ,
but you always have opinion,an option ,a choice on how you are controlled
Be who you think you are
create ,know ,learn,say ,think ,whatever you want
Be who you know you are ,or the you ,you precieve to be
deny the reality ,for it denies you if you are different
because it is not who you are to people,what people say ,think ,talk about ,or spread rumors about,that matters
It is what you think about yourself ,and how you feel in your own skin,how you carry your precess the confidences you give yourself that matters
and nothing else....

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