beast of the forest

February 22, 2010
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I look back behind me
And all I can see
Is a lonely forest
I wonder where you went.
Then I remember you said you’d leave
But I didn’t believe you.
So I stare into the forest
As it looks back at me
I ponder and ponder
Just, where could you be?
Then I remember what had caught your eye
I decided to go for you
Though many times it has hurt me
I know I would gladly die
Just to see you once more
So I go back for sure
I know I would find you with that monstrous beast
I knew if I didn’t get there in time
He’d make you his own feast
I run and I run just to see you again.
But then right there and then
I hear your screams help me you cry
I can’t stop or slow down because you could die
I run and I run as fast as I can.
I find you alone lying there on the forest floor
What had happened to you?
I wonder
You open your eyes one last time
You say to me that you’re so, so sorry
Then you take a breath
And then fall into death.
No my one and only love had died.
The beast came behind me and attacked
I scream. The awful pain away
I look at you and get up to fight
He attacks again but I step away
I hit him as hard as I can
No shatter no shard
Just my broken hand
He strikes me again
This time for good
I lay there and wait
Some think I wait to die
But that is not the truth
I wait so I can be with you.

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