The Fatal Mistake

February 4, 2010
By Coty1 BRONZE, Goshen, Ohio
Coty1 BRONZE, Goshen, Ohio
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We had everything we needed,
Everything to survive,
It seemed our lives were completed,
We felt so alive.

But we faltered along our way,
We almost broke apart,
But we learned everyday,
What was taught to us by the heart.

We shared a bond,
One that words can't describe,
Forever, always, and beyond.,
Those were the words we imbibed.

But one fatal error,
One that left us in demise,
It left us in terror,
And gave us our possible goodbyes.

We tried to sneak,
We tried to connive,
But our hearts grew weak,
Could we make this love survive?

We were despised,
Though we didn't care,
But two factors led to our demise,
Yet we found this unfair.

We regretted our mistake,
We fought to keep our love alive,
But our hearts were impaled with a stake,
As it felt they could not be revived.

Has the curtain closed upon us?
Have we reached the end?
Our hearts have seemed to digressed,
As our hopes cannot mend.

The fatal mistake,
One that will never be repaired,
Our hearts were left to break,
Say goodbye to the bonds we once shared.

The author's comments:
This piece was about a past relationship I had. We had a really strong bond, but it was lost due to a lapse in judgement. I wanted to give a suspensful thought as to what that mistake was. I also wanted to inform people that just because you think your "love" is impenentrable doesn't mean that it is.

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