The Painter

February 4, 2010
The colors splurged onto the canvas.
The blue ran through the green.
The green leaked through the yellow.
The yellow skid into the purple.
The purple poured into the silver.
The paint began to dry.

The colors,
Vibrant now more than ever
Shown bright on the once plain canvas.

But it lacked an important primary color.


The only color that was missing.

The paint began to chip.
The paint began to curl and peel.

The painter
watched her artwork
slowly disappear,
just as her own life did.

As the blue of her artwork left the canvas,
The support in her life faded.

As the green left the canvas,
Her love of gardening disappeared.

As the yellow left the canvas,
The happiness in her life moved out.

As the purple left the canvas,
The faith within herself vanished.

And finally
as the silver began to leave the canvas,
the painter just couldn’t take it anymore.

Her love of everything
was gone.
Her family, friends and all other relationships
deserted her.
All but one.
One friend held together the silver lining
of her once prosperous life
came to an end.
Now the canvas sits there,
deserted in her studio,
stained with red,
along with everything around.

The one silver lining friends...
to this day, still sees the red in all artwork, before all the other colors.

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