February 4, 2010
By Anonymous

His long brown fingers pull music from his guitar. His dark hair falls into his face as he foucus's on nothing but the sound.
My voice becomes the harmony and the music compliments it well. It rolls through my veins like a drug. He looks up at me, I become lost in his black eyes, eyes that hold so much loss, so much pain, so much emptiness.
His brown skin is flawless, his black hair is silky smooth. His arms are strong and firm when he wraps them around me. I am a different person when I am with him. He is a shadow on my ever so sunny world.
He is an unhealthy addiction that keeps bringing me in for more. He is a reason to be afraid and I am, yet I still move closer.
I forget the rest of the world, ignore the warnings sent my way. I am forgetful of the danger as his hand warms mine. I am unwise as I hear his whispered lies.
I see the claws of untold secrets behind his dark eyes. I am torn away from his hold before I sink to the darkness that swallows him whole. My eyes are opened by people who truly love me.

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