Crushing On You

February 4, 2010
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Sometimes I Feel Stupid When I Stare At You
I Smile At The Thought Of You Being My Boo
I Love When You Talk Cuz I Love Your Voice
I’m Glad We’re Friends But That Wasn’t My 1st Choice
Your Glasses Make Me Smile
I Love When You Put Your Hair Up In That Style
Bangs Down, Hair Up
If You Were My Girl My Heart Would Erupt
I Don’t Even Think You Like Girls.!
Yet If You Did Id Lace You With Pearls
Only The Best For Mi Amor
I’d Have You Speak Sweet To Me In Spanish
Although I Really Don’t Think My Heart Could Handle It
I Would Give You Only The Finest
Give You Nothing But Kindness
You’re the 1st Girl I’ve Liked But Aint Spit Game At
I Think You Deserve Something … Above That
I’ll Make You My Everything
Promise To Give You The Fattest Ring
You’re the Ish
I Wanna Make You Mine But For Now It Remains A Wish
2 B Continued ….
I’ll Need A Genie In A Bottle To Get You
We Aint Even Together && Look At The Stuff I’m Goin Thru .!
But For You It’s All Worth It
Cuz To Me You’re the Closest Thing To Perfect
You Got My Heart Leapin
Thoughts Of You That I Can’t Stop Thinkin
You’re a Friend I Refuse To Lose
But Can You Blame Me For Crushing On You .?
I Love To Look At You From Far Away
I Can’t Help But To Think Of You Every Single Day
I Want To Make You Happy In Every Single Way
I’m Tryna Make You My Baby
I Promise Not To Hurt You If You Never Play Me
Your Promise To Never Make Me Cry .?
For Me, US, I’ll Always Try
We Can Never Give Up
Thru The Hurdles We’ll Have To Be Tough
We Aint Never Even Had A First Date
Yet My Heart Is Already In A Crazy Love State
You Probably Don’t Even Like Me
Yet I’m Ready To Introduce You To My Family
I Could Talk About You For Hours
I Try To Stop Thinkin About You With All My Power
2 B Continued ….
I Could Write About You For Days
How I Have A Place In My Heart Where You Can Always Stay
Although You Are My Best Friends Girl …
Yet Constantly You’re Makin My Heart Twirl
I Can’t Control My Feelings
My Thoughts Of You Are Flying Into The Ceiling
My Thoughts Of You Pass The Ceiling … Into The Sky
Then They Vanish As You Walk By
But Once You’re Gone They Appear Again
If You Want To Be Just Friends We Can Pretend
Pretend To Be Together
Yet We’re Really Just Friends Remember .?
But As Long As You’re Mine In Some Way
I’ll Take Even An Imaginary Relationship Any Day
Every Time I Hug You It’s Like Magic
Whenever We Let Go Its Tragic
Well Maybe Not For You But Always For Me
Because I Secretly Like You But You Can’t See
All The Times I’ve Looked You Across The Hall
To Be Honest I’m Waiting For Your Boyfriend To Drop The Ball
So I Can Come Over && Pick It Up
Show You That I Have All The Right Stuff
Let You See That I Have Potential
2 B Continued …
Let You Realize That In My Life ... You’re Essential
Yea That’s Messed Up Cuz Your Mans My Best Friend
But For You I’m Sure He’ll Understand
He Don’t Even Treat You Right
When I See You I Pass Out At The Sight
I Can Treat You Better Than He Can
But I Can Feel It If You Want To Keep Your Man
Although It Pains My Heart
We Were Friends From The Start
Yet I Still Want To Make You My Everything
I Plan On Giving You The Fattest Ring
A Friendship One Of Course
I’ll Pull My Love From A Whole Nother Source
Not My Heart But From My Gut
So I Know I Have To Love You Just Enough

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