Forgive Me Please

February 4, 2010
By , Federal Way, WA
If Being Gay Is Sending Me To Hell
Then My Soul I Should Sell
For A Wish Of My Own
I Speak 2 Him In A Very Bold Tone
Mr. Devil I Wish 2 B Forgiven
By Mr. Almighty
What A Wonderful Sighting .!
Gay People Forgiven 4 Their Sins .?!
Another Way Of Life Being Let In .?!
Jesus Died For Everyone’s Sins
In My Eyes He Let Life Begin
A Life Free From Judgment
Free From Being Put Down By A Ridiculous Government
I Know He Died 4 Everyone
So That I Could B Put Down By No One
Yes My Heart Belongs To The Ladies
But That’s Not How My Mother Raised Me
I Apologize For Being The Way I Am
I'll Make It Up 2 U In Any Way I Can
If God Can Forgive Me Y Cant U.?
If God Loves Me Y Cant U 2 .?
I Still Act Like Me
Jus A Lil Bit Differently
All I Want Is To B Accepted
I Don’t Want My Life To B Regretted
U Used To Sing Me Lullaby’s ...
But Now All U Do Is Cry
Mom Don’t B Ashamed
My Life Is The One Going Up In Flames

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