Poetic Passions

February 4, 2010
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As I Pour My Poetic Passions Onto This Pad
I speak 2 Myself That I’m Not Sad Nor Mad
I’m Rejoicing In The Words That I Speak
&& When I Finish Writing This I Hope To B Weak
With My Passions Spilt Out Onto The Ground
&& After My Voice Applause Is The Only Sound
Because I Pour My Heart Into This Poetry
Which Is Why Other "Poets" Can’t Compare To Me
I Have A Fire In My Eyes
While My Imagination Flies
I Don’t think I Just Write Whatever Comes To Mind
I Smile As My Feelings Begin 2 Unwind
I Have Passion In My Heart
My Thoughts Come Out Like A Work Of Art
In These Short Lines With So Much Meaning
A Path To My Soul With Nothin Intervening
It Makes Me Proud To Write Things Down
Expressing Myself Is A Passion I’ve Found
I’ve Got My Eyes On The Prize
Letting My Poetry Rise
Into The Sky Where Everyone Can See
Into The Clouds So People Can Remember Me
Yet People Will Never Understand Where I Come From
They Will Never Understand Why I Always Run
Away From Life But Never From Poetry
Cuz It’s The Only Thing That Ever Meant Ish 2 Me
So Ima Keep Writing Continuously
Because I Rejoice In The Words I Speak
Every Time I Finish I End Up Weak

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