Ha Ha a Poem

February 4, 2010
I thought of you this morning
But how odd it was
That instead of thinking of you as a friend
I thought of you with love

There was a time so long ago
When we were quite together
But now it seems so sad to me
That we haven’t talked in forever

My mind is in a whirlwind
I’m not sure how to feel
Perhaps my heart is lying
This may not even be real

You live so far away now
I suppose it would never work
But maybe if you would just ask me
I wouldn’t go quite so berserk

I just wish to be near you
To see how it would work out
I only need one second
To clear away the doubt

Have you heard my verses?
Have you heard my rhymes?
Don’t you feel the way I do?
Don’t you wish there was time?

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