Ghostly Song

February 4, 2010
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Trust your heart.
Let. It. Go.
Let. It. Free.
It has rights,
You have limitations.
Let it speak
Speak up,
Let your voice ring out.
Say it.
Stop denying what you know,
Listen to me,
And trust,
What I know,
What you wish not to see.
Things so plainly displayed
In front of me.
A beacon of light,
A hope on that dark
Cold, night.
Please come home.
Or realize now,
What you’ve left alone,
Protect it, and fight,
To the death.
We’ll be here,
But you better be sorry to say,
You didn’t tell her,
That day.
How you felt.
Now you will die,
With the hand you’ve been dealt.
I was right,
You were afraid, listen now, hear that ghostly song?
Now, my dear friend,
You are gone. You were so horribly wrong.
The cost of war,
The cost of time,
The cost of life,
When you put yours on the line.
Similarities fall in place.
She is staying,
She won’t leave,
You are the one,
She truly needs.
Cover it up,
It’s what you’ll do,
Against my will,
But yours overpowering, strength of two.
Please come home.
Listen now,
That same ghostly song:

We have you,
Oh no, oh no,
What to do?
Hear her cry,
Watch her die.

Find yourself,
Gather up,
What they’ve left,
The battle,
Shell shock,
Horror of the kill,
You aren’t one,
With a weak sort of will,
Fight, for your love,
Fight, for your share,
Fight, them all now,
Take on my dare.
Here they come,
Brothers of battle,
Arms of combat,
Coming back,
Here is what they said:

The cost of war,
The cost of time,
The cost of life,
As yours falls off the line.
You can’t go home,
Now you’ve left her,
All alone.

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