Dear Dead Mother

February 4, 2010
By , sciliy, Italy
Dear Dead Mother, Why did you die?
You break my heart and make me cry
Mother. Mother, don’t tell me it was from drugs
By drinking beer, mugs by mugs
Mother. Mother, you know what’s sad?
I guessed right, you drugged, you bad
Mother. Mother, last time I saw you
Was after a bar fight, your eye black and blue
Mother. Mother, it breaks my heart but it’s true
I hope you know I’m quite mad at you
Mother. Mother, I still love you
It just hurts to know what you do
Mother. Mother, you belong in hell
I hope the devil treats you well
Mother. Mother, this is what I have to say
You killed yourself, in a way
Mother. Mother, why’d you do it if you knew drugs slaughtered?
Sincerely Yours,

Your Confused Daughter

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Paulagarden1 said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 1:48 pm
This poem was written by my grandaughter. She lives in the USA.
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