Forever, love.

February 3, 2010
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No more lies,
no more tears,
no more "wishing you were here's."

I loved you once,
i'll love you again.
But never again, is my biggest fear.

You broke my heart,
i broke yours too.
Everytime, i fell apart.

I took you back,
you took me too.
Like the sweetest crack,
i was addicted to you.

You filled my life with happiness and bliss,
all i wish for,
is one last kiss.

I know it's over,
but i'm glad to say.
You may have been my biggest mistake,
but i'll love you to my very last day.

Every kiss,
every embrace
was truly wonderful,
no matter what the case.

I'll never forget you,
nor our love.
You made me realize i was beautiful,
like the smallest, white dove.

We were good together,
i feel we're better apart.
Friends forever,
you'll never leave my heart.

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