Not Good Enough

February 3, 2010
She told me to wait, I waited.
And waited, and waited, but....
She never returned, she left me.
Forgot about me, did she ever care?

I'll never know, she's gone.
I doubt she'll be back, was it me?
Was it her? Or did she just not want me?
Her only child, abandoned, left for what?

I guess I'll never know, she's nowhere to be found.
I look, I pace, I stand waiting.... For a sign of her return.
But still nothing, I give up.
Walk away, to where? Who knows, just decided to go.

Far off now, no reason to return.
I turn a corner and see her, I turn and go the other way.
She never realized i was there, a tear trickles down my face.
I wipe it away, try to hide it, pretend it was never there.

I think as I walk, of what I did wrong.
Can't think of a thing, she must have just not wanted me.
Maybe someday I'll find what I did wrong....
But for now, I just have to accept the fact, I'm not good enough....

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