Vanity, and how it got the best of me

February 3, 2010
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Forever I’ll be searching for the image of man,
the picture of normality and those who define it.
From what I know I know the teenage watering hole
where egos go to get there fill,
if not to feel normal by being that which they know is different,
then to strike those who feed on the cliche, the trend, the fashionable.
I am the same, average just like you.
I am just another teenager amongst the vast army of smart children,
drowning in our lack of self esteem and divine worry over our own vanity.
We frown upon those below us, never wanting to fit in,
forever the trend setters, the materialists,
the individualistic consumer of originality.
We thrive on being different, never wanting to be one within the crowd,
wanting only to stand amongst the spotlight in absent minded narcissism,
unaware of how bad we want those eyes on us,
how bad we want to be the one, the only,
the individualistic messiah,
just to know we aren't one with the dirt beneath our feet,
just so we know we ourselves are fulfilling something,
we look good in the eyes of others even if the mirror lies in response.
Forever we’ll dwell amongst the scene,
slithering and surrounding in a crowd of judgment,
forever gasping for the comfort of respect,
indulging our own gluttony with fashion,
if not to feed our starving self image that one grain of compliment,
if not to feel good for that moment,
to feel one with ourselves,
like our worth is more than we believe.

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