At the Zoo

February 10, 2010
By , Merion Station, PA
I wish I could start by saying this is fiction
Or that it ended in conviction
Maybe then I would suppress these tears
And drown out these last lingering fears
But sadly this is not the case
So reality I must face
Of the chilling April night
When even I dare not put up a fight
Surrounded by the darkness of the sky
To my innocence I said "goodbye"
As I ran home, a trembling mess
I vowed my sadness, I would never confess
So in a sealed box that sadness turned to rage
It was just like a lion and my heart was its cage
But to the spectators at the zoo
My deep anger would never come through
Now all my eyes see is pain
Knowing my childhood dreams of prince charming were created in vein
I wish that I could end by saying this is fiction
But I cannot lie, not even in perfect diction.

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