What Do You Do?

February 9, 2010
By , Missouri City, TX
What do you do when you don't
Know what to do is a
Continuous question that I ask
And desperately need an answer to
I'm suffocating by four walls
That won't let me breathe and
All I want is to feel some type of peace
But instead, I'm trapped and held
Hostage by my pass decisions
There is no escaping
So tell me, what do you do when
You see the destruction of a
Teenage girl who is destined for greatness
But her mind is messed up because
She was held down and raped
Not once... nor twice.. but repeatedly
So you can't really understand her anger
Or her fustration because you never
Walked a mile in her shoes and there's nothing
That you can really say that may give her the benifit of the doubt
That maybe there can be a breakthrough
What do yo do when
You see the struggle of a single mother?
Do you run to her rescue? Do you sit idle?
OR is it that you just don't have a clue on what to do
When you see the redness of her eyes from her sleepless nights
When she worried how she was gonna keep on the lights
No help from the government, they took the welfare away
When she started recieving childsupport pay
But little do they know that the money
Coming in every month, for the pops that's a getaway
What can $300 a month do when times are
Getting hard and the economy is in a recession
She turned on some Donnie McClurkin, he told
Her to stand but still there's no progression
Just standing in the Great Walls of a depression
What do you do when the
Famous quote by Thomas Jefferson
That is written in the Declaration of Independence
Saying that life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a guarantee
But yet, you are judged by your orientation and your sexuality
Whether you're gay, straight, single, or taken,
We are still one nation under God
That don't believe in discrimination
But they still ask for our race when we fill out an application
When times get hard and your blinded by negativity
While your soul is burdened by unsolved issues
Bounded by chains that sets a limitation on how far you can succeed
And how can you break free when there are cuffs on your hands and
Shackles on your feet and you're a prisoner to the past, life, and BODY
So until you find a solid answer to my questions, DON'T JUDGE ME
Don't question how I choose to live my life
Or my way of succeeding
And letYOU DO YOU!!!
No one is respondsible for falling
Only for getting back up
You're in the same situation I'm in and until your method works
Keep your comments to yourself!
And until your life becomes a crystal stair,

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