February 9, 2010
By , massena, NY
Daddy comes and sees me
every night smelling of whiskey
I know what he wants
I know because he told me
he cries sometimes holding me
he wants the love that's been taken
He comes to me because I remind him
I remind him of mommy
she doesn't talk to him
since the accident they got in
but he still lusts for her love
the love only i can give him now
I don't want to but he kisses me
he makes me touch him
he closes his eyes and he imagines
that I am mom
he tells me this is how I can prove
how I can prove my love to him
but I don't want to touch daddy
after a while daddy realizes
he realizes that I am not mommy
he fixes himself up and leaves
I curl up under my blankets and cry
I love daddy but I don't want to
I don't want to touch him
I wanna tell mommy
Tell mommy what daddy does to me
but she doesn't listen to me
and if she did she wouldn't believe
believe what daddy makes me do
I just wish mommy would love daddy
love daddy the way she used to

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