Schizophrenic Teenager

February 2, 2010
I am a schizophrenic teenager
One minute I am as sweet as a cupcake
Wait did you say cupcakes
I love cupcakes
The sprinkles are little rainbows
It’s suppose its rain
I having a good hair day
That so strange
My hair will be all fuzzy like, like…
Aw,…look at the bunny
Aw…look the little fuzzy tail
Its like a little cotton ball
OMG did I tell you that
It took like hundred thousand cotton balls to
Cover up all my zits
It was like so strange
It was so irritating
Like that time I got sand in my eye at the beach
Oh my god one time at the beach
There was this hot dude that looked exactly like James Bond
OMG I like love his car
Two more years till I drive
What? Mom you miss your sweet little girl
What is she talking about sweet?
Sweet like a cupcake
I hope we have cupcakes for desert tonight
You know the type with the rainbow sprinkles

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