A bullet for a pretty girl.

February 2, 2010
By , Avondale, AZ
He's much stronger than you.
Get on your knees.
It's almost over.

"Your beautiful," he says.
He's a liar.
Beautiful girls dont feel worthless.

In this short time you've been dreading this moment.
Your far too little.

But he doesn't care.

Exhale. Its over.
get up off your knees and pull down those pants.

Thats what he'll say.
What are you waiting for?

Don't scream, "Shhhhhhhhh", he says.
It will only hurt alittle.

And then its over.
except now your not pulling up your underwear,
Your pulling up blood-stained shame.

It's your time to seal those lips,
and throw away that key.
"Hush", he'll say.
No one will believe you.

Your a liar.
Your a liar.
Your a liar.

And you start to believe it.

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