February 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Scream is what I do when I think of you, you and me that night in that room. You on top of me that was all I was able to do. Can’t fight back you were too heavy. Tell you to stop yet you won’t listen. No one could hear me only you could hear me in the confinement of that dark room. The music blaring kids laughing and me I'm screaming. Screaming for you to stop, screaming for you to let me keep my inner child. Screaming for you to let me stay a girl and not become a woman. But, you keep going ignoring my pleas and my cries. A virgin is what I was before that night. But, now I'm just like every other girl out there giving it up. But there is a difference what was mine was taken not given. It was taken because my pleas weren't enough and now all I can do is scream!

The author's comments:
With poem I channeled the pain of someone who had been taken. I hope I worte it the way you would feel if this had happened to you!

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