All Those Hard-headed People

February 18, 2010
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I feel like I’m talking to a wall,
when I face those hard-headed people.
Their minds are set in stone,
no water jet easer in sight.
Their thoughts won’t ever change
if they have anything to do with it.

Those hard-headed people
fight and fight and fight
for what they think is right.
When what they think is in a hazy of
pride and prejudice.

I try to help them see
that what those hard-headed people see
can’t always be
what they want it to be.

I do not yell or fight.
I do not curse or bully.
I do use kind words.
I do see their views.

But why don’t those hard-headed people see mine?

It seems that hard-headedness
could be considered ignorant,
but I try to stay away from words
that hurt and hinder.
Rather than heal and aid.

Each day I try to be open-minded.
Each day I try to say away from clear cut answers.
Each day I try to use my brain.
Each day I try to take a walk in other’s shoes.

Even though I try to help
those hard-headed people
I still fail at times,
but I still try again.
In hopes that one day,
I can help change a mind,
to help them be more like
how the world should think.

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