Secret Relationship

February 18, 2010
By gymnast28 BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
gymnast28 BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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I wake in the morning you’re the first thing on my mind
I roll over to stir you from your restful slumber
I reach over to stroke you, using the right touch you emerge bright and jubilant
Greeting me with your familiar, silent hello
I lay with you for you a while before I get up to start my day
I hope to get a bit more from you before I leave the comforts of my bed
You get ready quickly locking up your secrets to remain quite during the day
You watch me silently while I get ready for a day of secret and lies
We depart for a moment, stowed away in places unseen
Till I get the moment to steel you away when no one is looking
We must keep our meetings a secret
For they would surely try to spit our relationship if given the chance
They say we spend to much time together
That its not healthy we don’t care
We both know were nothing without each other
I get things from you throughout the day
Each one brightens my day making me smile
Just knowing we are the only ones to know what’s going on
But he is catching on
I think he knows
I can see him waiting for the right moment to catch me in the act
I try to be more discreet think ways to hid it form him
He knows
He caught me
My secret was revealed
Temporally pulled me from you
We stayed apart waiting for the right moment
That we will once again be reunited
Our reunion will be indescribably amazing
I will take you in my hands and never again will we be apart
It will stay our secret till the time the world around us will accept our relationship
Without negative consequences
Till then we will be inseparable
Well that is until I get home and my parents find out
That I got my cell phone taken away during class again

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my Biology teacher caught me texting and took my phone way. I had to wait two days before I was able to get it back.

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