Stuck On You

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

When you leave me.
I’m waiting for the world to end,
I’m clinging on to oxygen,
When you leave me.
I can’t make it without you,
I can’t take it,
Can’t take the pain,
Come find me,
My love.
Because I will be waiting,
For you to rescue me,
My love.
Rescue me,
You won’t relent.
Until you have all my love,
My heart is sealed,
For you to have and open,
My heart is here,
Love is near,
Love consume me now.
My life style is not a movie,
But my love is like a song.
Love is not safe.
But I will take the risk.
You walked into my life,
Sweet love walked into my life.
You are my love.
You are my life.
I have fallen,
I have fallen for you.
And I can’t get up.
If love is a drug,
I am addicted.
If love is a song.
I am singing.
I am singing a song.
For you,
Yes you.
I’m letting out everything.
Every emotion,
Every sensation.
Together we will make it.
We will make it soon.
Love makes me turn into a fool.
Yes, I am a fool,
For you.
I can’t help it,
Your magnetic,
I’m stuck on you.
Stuck on you.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this poem. I was thinking I should create a poem that has parts of lyrics that I love. But instead I used bits and pieces of my favorite lyrics and added more zest and flavor to this piece. Sorry that it’s a bit intense. But hey, you know how love is. Enjoy.

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