true love

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

If there’s ever a time you can’t find me, don’t worry I'm doing alright. I’m probably somewhere hiding out counting my blessings mumbling something about sunshine. Wondering how much love I can live I a lifetime. See I found my reason to live again; my daughter and she have me conversing with father time trying to convince him to allow me the ability to witness my future history. Outgrow my legacy, and I think its working see he lead me to her. My wife and she is my fountain of youth and I’ve drunk her to the point where I been reborn and I seen the light. See in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and that word was her, and God took one of her ribs to create me now her one rib less was left with a shape and I left shapeless. Now 1 + 1= 1 our bond cannot be broken we committed ourselves to each other and made our first child now 1+1=3 and I know the math sound strange and sometime I find myself struggling with divinity, but why try mother, father child is the holy trinity, and she is living proof that there is truth in fertility. And we live a love that
God would envy, and for her I would carry the cross for my own crucifixion if it would make her have more faith in me. And I can hang from that cross and you can pierce my side with a spire but I will just bleed out more reasons to love her. And I can die on that cross and you can bury me in a tomb and I will rise on the 23rd hour just to prove I cannot live a day without her. And I will go toe to toe with eternity for the rights of her next life time because I was the only one made for her. And some may question the love that we share, but it only make me question there faith, so I ask you what else do I have to prove?

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