You Don't Know Me

February 17, 2010
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I hate this feeling,
that I am not smart enough
or pretty enough
that my weight is not perfect
and my hips are too wide.

I hate the way you look at me.
with your beady eyes
and perfect hair
watching me fall
but never wanting to help me back up

I hate the way you wait of me to fail
showing off your marks
and accomplishments
as if to say, "you'll never bve this good"

I hate your family
your siblings that tell you they love you
and your dad who will live past 60
all of your family vacations and photos
taunting my sleep

I hate this world
for creating you
and your perfect life
for killing my dreams
and making my nightmares a reality.

But really what I hate most of all
is myself
for letting you push me down
and then letting you watch me fall

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